We would love to take full ownership of creating this life changing platform however the truth is Fitesque was created by people like you who wanted to empower themselves and others to reach new heights through fitness, lifestyle and positive mindset through the qualities of showgirl.


What is a showgirl?


To us a showgirl is not a person or any tangible thing but a feeling. Fitesque embodies the strength, poise and grace of a showgirl combined with core strengthening, mind centering, cheeky, sassy, heart rate lifting, adrenaline pumping workouts for women, men and our friends beyond the binary.


After many years of running a successful national burlesque fusion company, our founder and trainer Melony Cherrett wanted to find a way to extend the culture of movement, building confidence, support and self-love beyond the realm of a physical class. Through her company Choo La La she has met many people who were in search for something that was already inside them, but maybe lost because of different reasons.

The inspiration for Fitesque has come from thousands of members who shared their story on how they came to reignite their inner spark. Parents who had lost themselves, those who wanted to accelerate their confidence in the work place, those who suffer from poor self-esteem, anxiety or depression and those who just simply wanted to connect. No matter where their stories began, each and everyone one of them crossed paths and had significance in unleashing their inner showgirl.


" Fitesque is about you not me but if your interested to hear my story check out my video."