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Our Full body workouts can be performed anywhere, anytime and are designed to get your energy flowing and heart pumping. You will see traditional fitness style exercises for those who like to ‘squat it like it's hot’ fused with sassy and strong showgirl inspired moves. Your energetic and motivating instructor will perform right alongside you, she’ll guide you through the entire workout, you’ll feel like she is right there next to you.  With this workout you won’t just go through the motions, you’ll feel every movement and emotion as you unleash your inner showgirl to high energy, uplifting tunes that will make you think you’ve left your lounge room for the stage. You’ll feel the burn get a little hot and sweaty, but also feel empowered, sexy, strong and confident. 



A perfect partnership to our Fitesque full body workout. Combining core strengthening with fluid flowing movements that focus on posture, poise, grace and elegance not forgetting a little bit of cheek and sass. You’ll also lengthen, stretch, release and tone your whole body whilst moving and feeling just like a showgirl. A stretch strengthening class like no other your mind and body will create perfect synergy and embody all that is your inner showgirl! Includes mindfulness, visualisation and relaxation. 

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